im Danielle. im currently a red-head. I am an emotional wreck, but i try to be the best person i can be. I belong to many fandoms, so look around awhile. My ask box is always open. Even to anons. So if youd like to get to know me, just ask away.
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I feel like no one is going to love me
or want to stay with me or anything
because I have such terrible anxiety and depression I’m just not worth the time and effort it takes to make me feel okay and safe.
it’s not something I could cure by loving myself because wow im cool but I still have these problems and I don’t want to be abandoned.
like I’ve lost so many friends already I’m just so scared to try to meet new people to date/be friends with because they’re gonna leave anyway right?
but then I end up trying anyway cause I hate being alone and I freak out because I have such bad anxiety
ugh I’m so hopeless
I can’t even sleep these days
I’m fucked when college starts.
barely sleeping or eating
I’m screwed.


Happy Birthday, Michael Jones!

Said in Full


Soul mate fic where you find out if the other person is your soul mate by saying their full name out loud & when you say it they can feel that you said it. So like one day someone gets mad &yells “GAVIN DAVID FREE” … &it’s like oh

A/N: I just wanted a quick break from writing requests and I have a weakness for soulmate aus…

Geoff knew all of the Achievement Hunter’s full names.

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I love Miles and Arryns tweets about pizza

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Gavin’s An Asshole you say?


An asshole you say?